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 Sports in the clouds, how it looks?
 Hang Gliding school, tandem, towing
posted by Dimitar Halachev
Monday, 10 January 2011


   Have you ever wondered why in the children's cartoons,  something always flies?
Whether it's Baba Yaga, Bunny  with the checkered ears or Carlson? Whenever something is magic, it flies.
Santa flies a sleigh in the sky.
 Also if someone is dreamy or is in love, again he/she compares it with a flight  in the clouds.
 Is it that nice and hard of access?
Every hang glider pilot can answer this question. Actually, in order to fly, one has to be down to earth, feet on the ground man, who is responsible for his actions. Anyone who has ever been in touch with the clouds knows it well. Whether it was a free fall followed by opening a parachute, or take off from the slope of a mountain with a hang glider, or carried by the wind with a huge hot-air balloon. It is difficult to describe the story of every touch with the clouds. The enormous wide views,the nuances of colors and the mixture of feelings and emotions justify all the myths, legends and ascending stories. Although it is difficult, over time I hope to be able to give you some idea about flying with hang gliders while still on the ground.That's why we have this web site.